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Sports Physical

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Before participating in sports or other strenuous activities, children should have a sports physical. The purpose of this evaluation is to make sure the child is healthy and can participate in the activity safely. Parents in the Austin, Texas area can schedule a sports physical for their child by contacting the team at SportsSafe.

Sports Physical

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a special examination designed to make sure that a child is healthy enough to participate in sports and other athletic activities. During this appointment, children also have an opportunity to learn about sports safety, preventing concussions, and living a healthier life in general.

What happens during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, a pediatric nurse practitioner evaluates the patient’s vital signs and performs a physical exam to look for any issues that could pose a danger to the child during physical activity. The nurse practitioner will also discuss the risks and benefits of being involved in athletic activities, and they will provide tips to help the child stay safe and avoid injuries.

When is a sports physical necessary?

Sports teams, schools, camps, and other organizations will require children to have a sports physical before they participate in certain activities. However, even if a sports physical isn’t required, parents should still consider scheduling a sports physical before a child begins playing a sport, attends camp, or participates in any strenuous activity.

What happens if a problem is found during a sports physical?

If the nurse practitioner notices anything of concern during a sports physical, they may schedule additional testing or a specialist referral before clearing the child to participate in strenuous physical activity.

Are sports physicals the same as a well-child checkup?

Sports physicals don’t replace a well-child visit. Parents should still schedule these checkups with their child’s primary doctor on an annual basis.

When should parents schedule a sports physical?

To ensure that a sports physical is complete before the child begins participating in sports or other activities, parents should schedule sports physicals as soon as they know this examination is necessary to avoid a last minute rush. Parents can schedule a sports physical by calling SportsSafe or scheduling an appointment online.