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A baseline test is an evaluation that measures physical and cognitive capabilities while the child is healthy. The results of these tests are valuable if the child sustains a future injury. In the event of a concussive injury, post-injury test results can be compared to the patient’s norm, rather than the general population norm, to assure the patient has returned to his/her baseline. The pediatric nurse practitioners at SportsSafe offer baseline testing to children in the Austin, Texas area. To make an appointment for baseline testing, parents should call the practice. For baseline ImPACT cognitive testing done at home online, for those 12 years and older, click the tab labeled ImPACT baseline testing.

Baseline Test

What is a baseline test?

A baseline test is a test designed to measure a child’s physical abilities and cognitive functioning while the child isn’t suffering from any injuries. There are 2 different types of baseline testing: a neurocognitive test, and a balance test. Each of these tests serves a different purpose and provides different information about the child’s abilities.

What is the purpose of a baseline test?

A baseline test provides a standard measure of an individual athlete’s physical and cognitive capabilities. When a child sustains an injury, SportsSafe can administer these same tests and compare the results to the child’s baseline standards. Test results returning to the child’s baseline, can help assure the child has healed.

What should patients expect?

Each test administered during baseline testing is different.

The purpose of the neurocognitive test is to evaluate the child’s memory and reaction time. This test can be completed online or in the clinic (depending on the child’s age) and consists of a series of assessments.  The test can be completed in 20-30 minutes.

The purpose of the balance test is to measure the child’s ability to balance their body in different situations. Children greater than 60 lbs can complete this test in approximately 5 minutes at the SportsSafe office.

Who can participate in baseline testing?

The neurocognitive test is appropriate for athletes who are at least five years old. Athletes ages 5-11 are tested in the office on an iPad. Athletes 12+ can take the test online or in the office on the computer.

The balance test is appropriate for athletes who weigh at least 60 pounds.How much does baseline testing cost?

Baseline testing is an affordable option for parents of children involved in sports. The online version of the neurocognitive test costs only $20, while the in-office versions cost $40-$50, depending on the age of the child. Balance testing cost is $25. Baseline testing isn’t covered by insurance, so payment is due at the time of service.