Pediatric Concussion Clinic located in Austin, TX

SportsSafe is a pediatric concussion clinic serving patients in Austin, Texas. The team at SportsSafe is composed of pediatric nurse practitioners and a physician who have been trained to diagnose concussive injuries and treat them effectively.

The team at SportsSafe recognizes that every injury is different. They treat each patient as an individual, and they’re dedicated to developing customized treatment plans that help the patient return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

Some of the issues SportsSafe addresses include:

  • Concussions
  • Head Injury
  • Baseline Testing
  • Sports Physicals

SportsSafe is currently welcoming new patients in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area. Parents who are interested in making an appointment at SportsSafe should call the office today to learn more.

Accepted Insurance

  • Because many changes have occurred this year in the healthcare industry, we ask that you contact your insurance company to confirm that your doctor is an in-network participating provider for your particular plan. You will need our tax ID# 741870685 for confirmation of plan participation. This is also highly recommended if you are selecting a new insurance plan, as it is the parent's responsibility to verify whether or not your doctor is an in-network provider for your insurance. Please contact our billing department if you have any questions about this or need assistance. We are not contracted providers for Medicaid; therefore, we do not accept patients with Medicaid (primary or secondary) coverage.


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Words from our patients

  • "Emily and her staff were top notch, professional and thorough... This is a place you can trust your children are receiving the best care possible for healing"

    Heidi H.
  • "We are thankful for Sports Safe's expertise and caring attitude"

    Lynore S.
  • "Professional, patient, kind, thorough. Highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of concussion"

    Anne W.
  • "The staff is incredible and very well-received by all the kids I saw there... I've been recommending them to everyone in the football team. Keep the fantastic work!"

    Rocky B.
  • "The physical was relaxed & efficient, yet thorough. We left the appointment feeling more knowledgeable about concussions and what to look out for. Definitely recommend!"

    Erin G.
  • "Wow, the nurse practitioner was fantastic. Expert, kind care by someone who has been an athlete in the same sport made us feel totally understood and care for"

    Jessica T.
  • "SportsSafe is amazing... Thank you to everyone at SportsSafe! I'll make sure we let Coach H. know that all his athletes with concussions should go to SportsSafe!"

    Lindsay L.
  • Yelp

    " Thorough exam. Great customer service. Peace of mind obtained through the sway and computerized test. "

    Karla G.
  • "My son and I left our visit feeling like we knew so much more about his concussion, what it meant, and what was necessary to help the healing process."

    Trinda F.
  • "The staff is optimistic and supportive to the whole person. Giving positive feedback about how to handle their injury and what the future has in store."

    Taryn M.
  • "I cannot imagine dealing with the healing process along with all the missed school each time without these wonderful ladies. They have truly been a blessing!"

    Shannon S.
  • "Thank goodness for SportsSafe. Able to get an appt within a day, seen on time, very thorough exam and testing."

    Karla G.
  • "I highly recommend Meredith and the clinic to anyone facing the challenges of recovering from a concussion. Professional, prompt, personable, and impressive."

    Dani G.

Our Blog

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