Brain Fog

Brain fog is a worrisome symptom that sometimes occurs due to injured brain cells caused by a concussive injury. The professionals at SportsSafe in Austin, Texas, can evaluate children with this symptom and uncover the underlying cause in the setting of head injury. Parents of children with brain fog should call the office today to make an appointment at SportsSafe.

What is brain fog?

“Brain fog” is a term often used to describe feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, and/or an inability to concentrate. This symptom may occur by itself, or it may develop in combination with other symptoms, such as headaches or dizziness.

What causes brain fog?

Brain fog can have a variety of different causes. If brain fog develops after a patient has experienced a trauma to the head or another type of trauma that may have affected the brain, the cause may be a concussive injury.

A concussive injury is an injury that develops after the patient’s brain has been moved forcefully within the skull. Common causes of concussive injuries include impacts during sporting events, falls affecting the head, and car accidents. Concussive injuries can be serious, so patients with a possible concussion should always seek medical attention.

When should parents be concerned about brain fog?

Parents should be concerned any time a child develops brain fog after the child experienced a head trauma. In these cases, parents should seek medical treatment for the child.

How does SportsSafe determine the cause of brain fog after head injury?

If a child comes in with brain fog, SportsSafe will begin by collecting a detailed medical history to determine whether concussion is a possibility. They will also perform a comprehensive neurologic exam and order any other assessments necessary to diagnose or rule out a concussion. If SportsSafe determines that the child has sustained a concussion, they will develop a treatment plan.

What treatments are available?

Children with brain fog because of a concussion usually need rest, academic accommodations, and occasionally also get relief from medications and/or natural health products, while the brain heals. Once the concussion has healed, the child’s symptoms will typically subside. For most children, the healing process takes 2-4 weeks to complete. Some children may take more or less time to return to normal.