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ImPACT is a computer cognitive test that evaluates memory and reaction time.  ImPACT is the test that is required by most high schools for any athlete who plays a contact sport. It is also required by most club sports teams.  ImPACT is recommended for all athletes who play contact sports, prior to starting the sport season. 

ImPACT baseline for those 4-11 years

Those 4-11 years of age need to complete a different test, ImPACT Pediatric.  To schedule this test from our website, click the services tab, and then click “Baseline Test” where you can request and appointment.

ImPACT baseline for those 12 years and older

For those 12 and older, ImPACT testing can be completed in our office or at home.  To take the test at home, the following are needed:  a personal computer with an external mouse, Adobe FLASH PLAYER installed on the computer, and a quiet space where the test taker can concentrate without interruption for approximately 30 minutes. To schedule this test in our office, please call 512-814-1616. To take the ImPACT test at home, read the instructions below.

ImPACT baseline for those 12 years and older at home

Pre-test parent instructions

  • You must have a computer with an external mouse. The test cannot be done on a phone or a tablet, or with the track pad on a laptop. 
  • Be sure to disable your Pop-up blocker and close all other programs. You may take the test on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari (Firefox and Chrome tend to work the best).
  • Please make sure your Internet browser is updated. You must have Adobe FLASH PLAYER 11.0 or newer installed. You can download FLASH PLAYER at JavaScripts must be enabled on the browser and the browser must accept cookies.
  • Make sure your athlete is ready to concentrate and reads all instructions below before testing.  No refunds will be made unless SportsSafe deems necessary.

Pre-test athlete instructions

  • ImPACT is a challenging test! Test takers should invest their FULL attention to avoid getting an invalid baseline.  The goal of the test is to be both fast and accurate.  Take as much time as you need to get correct answers; however, also try to answer each question as soon as you know the answer.  Try to be both fast and accurate.
  • Please look through the pictures below for a preview of the sections from ImPACT. Also, read all instructions before starting each test section.
  • Before the test starts, you will complete 2 sections.  The first section includes demographic questions.  The second section asks you to rate your current symptoms.  Fill out the symptom section according to how you feel currently (that is different than your norm). For baseline tests, we typically expect symptoms to be zeros.

Payment and launching ImPACT test

  • After purchasing the test via PayPal, PayPal will redirect you to a webpage where you click the link “Home Baseline Testing” which gives you instructions to launch the test. If you have any problems with these instructions or are not redirected to the webpage, please email

How to receive ImPACT results

  • At the end of the test you will receive a confirmation number or passport ID. Please save this information for your records.
  • After the test is complete, please email with your athlete’s name, so that we can send you a copy of your child’s results.


This test costs $25 and is paid via Paypal. To pay for and launch ImPACT test for home testing, Click here:




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