Flying after a concussion

Flying after a concussion

There is never a good time to get a concussion, but before or during vacation can be particularly disappointing. 

It is okay to fly after a concussion as long as it has been a few days since the injury, symptoms are improving, there is no brain bleed or skull fracture. Airplane rides tend to make concussion symptoms significantly worse

Tips to minimize symptoms while flying:

  • Continue all medications/supplements recommended by your provider
  • Bring sunglasses and ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones
  • Be aware that flying may worsen symptoms
  • Sleep or listen to music quietly
  • Avoid watching small screens/iPads/phones or reading on a screen
  • Be well rested prior to the flight
  • Ideally travel with someone who can help you through the airport as the busy environment may make you feel worse
  • Plan time to rest after your flight
  • Be well hydrated

Contact your provider with other questions before your trip.


Emily and Meredith

CPNP's at SportsSafe