Sports Physical

Home Sports Physical for Kids A sports physical is an excellent way to ensure your child is ready to participate in sports. We will explain what a sports physical is and what it involves. We will also answer the question, “What will happen if there is a problem with my results?” At SportsSafe: Pediatric Concussion […]

Light Sensitivity

Girl holding eyes oped because of light sensitivity.

Home Light Sensitivity Light sensitivity can be distressing for both children and parents, especially after a head injury like a concussion. This article discusses the causes and symptoms of light sensitivity after a head injury and delves into how it’s diagnosed and treated.  If you’re seeking specialized care for your child in Austin, Texas, consider […]


A young girl holding her head because of a headache.

Home Headache in Kids Understanding headaches in children is essential for parents seeking to alleviate their child’s discomfort. This article discusses various aspects of headaches in kids, including the different types, common causes, symptoms, and treatment options available. If your child has begun having headaches after sustaining a head injury, SportsSafe can help.  Concussions commonly cause lingering […]

Head Injury

Home Head Injury in Kids Head injuries can be serious and should never be ignored, even if the child isn’t complaining of specific symptoms. This article discusses what head injuries are, the different types, and the symptoms you should look out for. We will also discuss what you can do to prevent head injuries and […]


Home Dizziness Dizziness that develops after a blow to the head can be the sign of a problem, such as a concussion. When dizziness occurs after a head injury, it is important to seek medical care. SportsSafe offers diagnosis and treatment for patients with symptoms of a concussion including dizziness. Call Us – 512-814-1616 Dizziness […]

Concussion Specialist

Home Concussion in Kids A concussion is a potentially serious brain injury that can occur because of an impact to the head or body. Read on to learn what a concussion is and how you can tell if your child has one. We will also discuss when you should seek medical help and what treatment […]

Brain Fog

Home Brain Fog Brain fog is a worrisome symptom that sometimes occurs due to injured brain cells caused by a concussive injury. The professionals at SportsSafe in Austin, Texas, can evaluate children with this symptom and uncover the underlying cause in the setting of head injury. Parents of children with brain fog should call the […]

Concussion Baseline Testing

Home Concussion Baseline Test for Kids Call Us – 512-814-1616 Concussion baseline testing is an effective way to compare pre and post-injury brain function. This article aims to cover your questions about concussion baseline testing. Read on to learn why this exam is an essential step before your child participates in sports. If you would […]