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The diagnosis of a mild traumatic brain injury (aka mTBI or concussion) can be very overwhelming and frightening for the child or teen and his/her parents.  Because of this, we welcome and expect many questions during concussion visits in our office, and during the recovery process. We consistently strive to answer these questions thoroughly, and with reassurance that they are not the first person to ask certain questions and have certain fears. Patient and parent questions accumulated over the years have allowed us to develop great information resources, which we have pooled together in the SportsSafe blog. Our advice typically comes from either our providers’ experiences in caring for children and teens with mTBI’s, or from other reputable blogs and pediatric resources. These are not limited to, but may include: American Academy of Pediatrics parenting websiteCDC's Head's UpBrainline.orgImPACT's concussion care resources.

If you have suggestions of topics you’d like us to address on the blog, please email We’d love to hear from you.  

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Concussion trajectories

ImPACT researchers believe that each concussion falls into 1 or more of 6 trajectories, and that once we understand the trajectories,  symptoms, physical findings, and useful treatments can be better understood. We will explore these in the months ahead.

Returning to sports after COVID-19 illness

COVID-19 has changed almost all aspects of our lives. For kids, one area that has been changed, is returning to sports participation. Please read below to find out how we determine when and if a child is safe to return to these activities.

Screen time and eye health in light of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have all spent much more time looking at screens than ever before. Though in most scenarios, we cannot change school requirements, we can feel empowered to help our kids use screens with certain guidelines.   

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