Importance of Proper Hydration

Importance of Proper Hydration

At SportsSafe we know that children and teens mature socially, emotionally, and physically through team sports participation. We also know that team sports participation is not without risk. SportsSafe is mindful of these risks and our goal is to provide the safest parameters for your child’s athletic participation.  If you walk outside this month, you’ll understand why this risk is on our minds:  dehydration from playing sports in the heat of the Texas summer and fall months.

Why is hydration important?  Adequate hydration is critical for peak athletic performance, energy metabolism, and body cooling.  Children are at the highest risk of dehydration because they absorb more heat from the environment and their bodies generate more heat as well as sweat less.  Also, wearing padding and helmets can lead to generation of additional heat, prevention of sweat evaporation, and higher body temperatures.  Without adequate hydration and body cooling, a child or teen can suffer from a heat-related illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, all of which are easily preventable.

What are some tips to assure adequate hydration?

 How much water is recommended before, during, and after exercise, practice, and sporting events?


Emily and Meredith CPNP's at SportsSafe

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