We know that children and teens mature socially, emotionally, and physically through team sports. The risk of head injuries in youth sports is highlighted more and more often in science and the media.​

Be sure to check out the facts and FAQ's about concussions!

Concussion Evaluations

Our detailed evaluations can diagnose concussive injuries and establish  accommodations according to each patient's needs for an  adequate  recovery.

SportsSafe is mindful that every injury is different and we strive to clear patients from concussions as quickly and safely as possible.

Concussion 101

​Injuries happen. We're here to help.

SportsSafe is dedicated to helping pediatric patients who may have sustained a concussive injury. We can help assess and manage the recovery from a concussion.

SportsSafe is the first clinic in Austin to offer widespread pre-injury baseline testing for groups and individuals. While not mandatory, pre-injury baseline testing is highly recommended for anyone participating in contact sports!

Having a baseline helps our providers return people back to their normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Baseline Testing